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Laos Travel Guide Experience in selecting gifts and shopping when travelling in Laos

Experience in selecting gifts and shopping when travelling in Laos

Travelling in Laos, you could buy some unique items which you can find nowhere else in the world.
Gifts that tourists usually buy when traveling in Laos are handicraft items: towels, brocade clothes, bronze or silver- made jewelries. Besides, visitors can buy famous specialties of Laos such as dried items, delicious Lao glutinous rice, fermented nok aen dawng meat..
You are advised to go to markets or free-tax shops, mostly at border gates. Prices here are much cheaper than other places with variety of commodities.
Shopping at markets, you should bargain because of instable prices; each seller has their own price. Carefully examine goods before getting them to prevent counterfeits. Take aware of items which are not allowed by customs.
Shopping places when travelling in Laos:
You can refer to some of information below to get more experience when shopping in Laos.
Vieng Chan
Morning market
Morning Market is the major and most famous commercial center in Vientiane. Up to 80% of sellers here know Vietnamese. As in Vietnam, you should bargain when shopping at Laos markets.
Samsenthai, Panggkam and Setthathirat street
There are a lot of handicraft shops, jewelry stores, mostly made from gold and silver which is very glamorous and exotic. These shops focus mainly on these streets.
Xieng Khuang
Chinese market
This place offers rich souvenir items made from plastics, however you can also find items made of gold and silver, handicrafts..
Fresh market
In this market you will find specialties of Xieng Khuang, they are dried items including fermented nok aen dawng meat and hét wái mushroom.
Savanxay market
Savanxay market is about 100 meters from central parking place. The market is famous for delicious Lao specialties, plentiful and varied souvenir items, brocade and weaving products with traditional unique patterns of Laos.
The free-tax shop of Dao Heuang
This place provides a lot of free-tax goods with reasonable prices including chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, Cuban cigars, coffee, household electrical products.
Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang night market
Visiting Luang Prabang Night Market tourists have plenty of choices of items from Lao clothes, bags, clothes, Laos silver jewelry, silver souvenirs to copper or painting paper- made Buddha statues, Buddha or monks image- carved wood. Prices here are often unstable and stories of bargain are a necessary part of this night market.
Located in Ban APHA, next to Phousi Mountain and Nam Kham River, Kopnoi is famous for its handicrafts made from natural materials.
Paske Morning market
The market in Paske is opened from early morning and is the major trade and shopping center of the city.
Dao Heuang
Located on Highway no 13, near Japanese bridge spanning over the Mekong River, this new market is a place providing everything that residents and visitors can buy in Champasak.
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